Friend’s Stable and Orchard General Rules

  • • The stable is open from sunrise to sunset. Prior approval of stable manager is needed for after hours care or visitation.
  • • Drive on designated roads only, and park in the parking areas. SPEED LIMIT is 5 MPH.
  • • Arenas and round pen must be watered before use. We try to be a dust free zone. If arena has just been watered you may ride without watering again.
  • • Please notify management if you are taking your horse away overnight.
  • • Please keep tack areas clean. Use trash containers, pick up poop, and put in specified barrels or bins. Put recyclables in their appropriate container.
  • • The stable manager reserves the right to close any arena, round pen or pasture at any time. This will happen most often during inclement weather.
  • • When exiting or entering the ranch on horseback, please do so from the MAIN driveway only!! We do not have permission from neighbors to ride on their properties. If you have questions regarding out property line, please see the stable manager.
  • • When riding in the orchard, please notify the stable manager immediately if your horse breaks or steps on any orchard equipment.
  • • No trainers are allowed to teach on the property without approval of stable management and proof of insurance. If you would like to have a lesson with an outside trainer, please contact the stable manager.

Friend’s Stable and Orchard Safety Rules

Infractions of these rules may result in management requesting removal of owners and their horses from this facility.

  • • Horses are personal property. Only owners and stable management have the right to deal with a horse, as they deem appropriate. DO NOT FEED any horse unless you have the owner’s permission AND a handling form has been filled out. We do appreciate any person who looks for signs of horses in distress! If you notice signs of colic, injury, a horse that is cast, or other catastrophe, please alert stable management immediately. However, do not take matters in to your own hands.
  • • Before riding, ALL riders, including guests, must have a riding release signed. If you know you are bringing a guest, please ask manager for a release before hand.
  • • Friend’s Stable and Orchard strongly recommends that ALL riders wear a riding helmet. If you choose to do so against stable advise, a waiver must be signed.
  • • An adult must supervise ALL children under the age of 13. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Whether riding or just visiting.
  • • Children may only ride on the premises if the have a BOTH a riding agreement and a consent form filled out by parents or guardians.
  • • RIDERS HAVE FIRST PRIORITY FOR ARENA USE. If your horse is turned out and someone wants to ride, please remove your horse. NEVER turn your horse loose in, or next to an arena, that someone is riding in.
  • • NO SMOKING!!!
  • • All grain and or hay must be stored in a closed and secured container. Friend’s Stable and Orchard is not responsible for any hay or grain that may be lost or eaten due to improper storage. Consult management before brining any grain or hay.
  • • Keep all gates closed and latched
  • • Do not tie horses to coral or arena pipe panels. Use tie rails, cross ties, or large orange trees.
  • • ALL dogs must be leashed and under the handlers control.
  • • The stable is for equestrian activities only. No running, biking, loud noises or any other activities that may cause horses to spook, shy, run off, or become aggressive.
  • • All horses must use a halter and lead rope or riding equipment when being moved around the stable.
  • • Please keep your horse at a walk when not in arenas and are within the immediate boarding stable or drive way.
  • • Jumping and /or use of poles and jumps are only allowed in a lesson or with prior approval of stable manager.
  • • A helmet must be worn at all times when jumping.